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Coming Out

A new verbatim project about being ourselves

Tilted Projects seeks collaborators for an upcoming theatre project for more info email

The Well

A Short Film

When Janet learns of her brother's suicide, she revisits painful memories in search of the truth


Bar Bare

COMING SOON to a festival bar near you.

Taking inspiration from Marina Abramović’s, THE ARTIST IS PRESENT and Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed's INTERNAL, ‘Bar Bare’ is a work that offers a uniquely intimate 1-on-1 experience that hopes to investigate how we share ourselves: physically, emotionally, even spiritually - over a drink.

Ur Strong Friend

A new play as part of Performance Space Sydney's Queer Development Program 2021

Through the eyes of a fledgling trans-lad, we discover the challenges of being the ‘strong friend’ in a community fraught with mental illness and trauma.