Beneath these blankets, there are stories of human fluidity and validity ready to be uncovered. Supported by a live electro/acoustic band, Bear meanders through the past five years of their life, coming into their queerness, processing their sexual experiences good and bad, and reclaiming their identity. By exploring concepts of sharing intimate truths through moments of giving, grieving, receiving, and surrender this work offers each of us permission to populate space in our own storytelling.


BEAR LORÉN is a queer-non-binary-femme-tomboy-dreamboat who likes her whiskey neat, their face glittered, and their 3am kebabs. Playing music since they were a young’un, making their performance debut at 5 years old at a school piano recital. Originally from the Sunshine State™, Bear has been singing, writing and performing f’real since they were 16, starting with regular slots at the Uni-bar on Friday arvos playing for G&Ts. 

"Lorén is a magnetic stage presence whose raw honesty is both infectious and disarming. There’s passion here, craft here, and talent… Oodles of talent... There’s a sophistication in its simplicity as it echoes the machinations of a mind in crisis." - THE LOWDOWN UNDER

"This show is like hanging out with a mate who has a lot of fun stories and a couple of harder truths to tell, too" - KEITH GOW


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