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A fractured father/daughter relationship fuelled by chronic depression, addiction, and social shame. Needle-sharp, physically articulated, opera-fkn-radically punctuated with moments of movement that feel something like Sarah Kane met up with Carol Churchill for a doof-set by the DJ from hell


Written by Charlie Josephine

Featuring Todd Levi and Bronte Charlotte

Directed by Dirk Hoult

Presented by Gavin Roach

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The Blazing Son looks at the dark side of sexuality; expectation and attachment. It also holds within it a quest for light. Tangled yarns - apron strings - earring pokes - buried in the sun + mother. Tap image for more.


Written by Lynn Preston

Directed by Dirk Hoult

Featuring Verity Higgins and Jack Currie

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Telling Australian stories by Australian women, We Were There offers a unique perspective of HIV and AIDS. It explores the real lives and untold stories of the sisters, mothers, wives, friends, volunteers, and medical professionals who cared for those living with HIV and AIDS in the 80s and 90s. Tap image for more.


Written & Directed by Dirk Hoult

Featuring Leah Baulch, Perri Cummings, Jodie Levesconte, Olivia Monticciolo